©Kathy Moore 2016

©Kathy Moore 2016

I bought a green glass bird feeder. Hung it in the backyard to honor birdmanmac, my complicated dad. Filled it with songbird seed. And waited.  Checked it everyday until at last a spider spun a web across the seed. Brushed it away, waited more.

On the first anniversary of the day he died, a small miracle. A lone chickadee darted from leafy overhang to steal a seed. Quick quick, back and forth.  A test, a testament, while the feeder danced and spun. Safe. Called to his birdkin.

Today a banditry of birds sings among treetops for me.

For him.

©Kathy Moore 2016

Kathy Moore is always writing stories in her head.

One Response to “Junebird by Kathy Moore”

  1. what a beautiful poem and story and tribute to one who loved birds!

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