levine©John Levine, 2014

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A sits, reading. B enters and watches A read. A feels B staring, gets up and walks

away. B follows A. A looks over shoulder, sees B following and starts moving faster.

B follows. A stops. B stops.

A: Are you stalking me?

B: No. At least, I don’t think I am.

A: Then please stop following me.

B: All right.

A sits, resumes reading. B sits and stares at A.

A: And stop staring at me.

B: I’ll try.

A tries to read, but keeps checking on B, who is now looking elsewhere.

A: You’re still thinking about me.

B: I can’t help it. You’re fascinating.

A: What’s so fascinating about me?

B: Your unpredictability. I want to see what you’ll do next.

A: Oh.

A, self-conscious, goes back to reading, but can’t concentrate. B watches for a while,

then loses interest and starts to walk away.

A: What’s wrong?

B: You’re just not that fascinating anymore.

A: (chasing after B) Wait! Don’t go!

B: (running away) Stay away from me!

B leaves. A chases B off.

©John Levine, 2014

John Levine’s plays have been produced throughout the U.S. and overseas. His short play “Enter Mac, DS” will be produced in Sydney, Australia, in 2014. His work has also been published in a number of anthologies. He is an enthusiastic BAWP TC (Summer Institute 2000!), and he teaches writing and public speaking at UC Berkeley.

2 Responses to “Walking and Stalking by John Levine”

  1. Steve Tollefson Says:

    I laughed out loud. And then it made me think. And then, since I’m teaching tomorrow, I wondered how I could incorporate it into class to talk about how you build dramatic tension with climax in 20 lines. Amazing.

  2. martywill Says:

    Great, John! I was trying to figure out if I might be “A” or “B”, then realized, of course, I have been both. 🙂

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