©Andrena Zawinski, 2011

Let it sing–Hopi Elder driving up Third Mesa
to a woman trying to stop the dash board rattle.

I like it. I like the rock, the bump, the clunk

of the washer off balance from an extra towel.
I like the clang of its righting itself
in an automatic feature included in the price.

I like its warm when I press my impatience
up against the last minutes of an extra spin.
I like that warm of strange bedfellows:
metal and flesh, motor and pulse.

I even like the way when I close my eyes
in its wind-down hum, I hear the tick tick
of my old wind-up clock, hear the click
of a furnace kicking in on cold eastern nights.

Above the rock and bump and clunk of it,
I like the rock dove’s coo, crow’s caw caw caw,
honk of geese across the western flyway,
terns laughing it up, the morning opening up.
I like it. I am here. And I like it.

©Andrena Zawinski, 2011

ANDRENA ZAWINSKI   is a fellow of the W. PA Writing Project at the University of Pittsburgh where she led poetry writing workshops in the Young Writers Institutes, Teachers’ Institutes, and  for the Mid-Atlantic Arts Council. She teaches writing at Laney College. Her latest full collecition, Something About, is a PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award recipient. She is also Features editor at PoetryMagazine.com     andrena.zawinski@att.net

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