©Evan Nichols, 2009

©Evan Nichols, 2009

to e.c.

The cookies

came at the exact time;

I needed them.
I was in shock from a bad rap,

had been low-rated, called a name

by Anonymous.
Your chocolate chips, a

delicious public presentation

set my gyro back on course.

Some would let this teacher starve,

you would not; nor would you chunk

a rock then hide your hand.

©Adam David Miller, 2009

Adam David Miller, BAWP ’78, ’94, has served the arts community in the Bay Area for four decades as teacher, writer, editor, publisher, radio and television programmer and producer, as a theater worker directed and produced plays.  His anthology, Dices or Black Bones, won the California Teachers Award for best anthology, Forever Afternoon won the first Naomi Long Madgett Poetry Award.  “African Woman Casts Her Shadow won a first prize in the Embassy International Dance Poetry Contest. Ticket to Exile, a memoir, was nominated for the 2008 Northern California Book Reviewers Association Award. Ticket is also one of three finalists in the non-fiction category of the William Saroyan International Prize for Writing.  He has been featured in venues and schools and colleges throughout Northern California as poet and workshop leader.

4 Responses to “The Rescue by Adam David Miller”

  1. love the ending. delicious and then terribly sad and grateful. read once then wanted to read again immediately.

    1. 2readah Says:

      Wow, the memories of youth.
      Thanks so much Adam
      Brief yet eloquent

  2. mochi2222 Says:

    Love it! Cookie therapy is always great after a stressful day with students.

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