©Fran Claggett, 2013

©Fran Claggett, 2013

Dusk in the orchard.
The sun drops, catching the fox
In lavender light

©Fran Claggett, 2013

Fran Claggett was a BAWP Fellow in the summer of 1977 and led a number of Open BAWP Sessions in subsequent summers. She also led innumerable BAWP workshops over the years. Her monograph “Balancing the Hemispheres” (with Gabriele Lusser Rico) was the forerunner of a number of Fran’s books using metaphorical graphics to enhance the teaching of reading and writing. A version of the Sun-Shadow Mandala recently appeared in the Michigan Language Arts Journal in an article on the virtual poem. The poem “Dusk in the Orchard” appears without the accompanying photograph in her new book “Crow Crossings: Poems and Prose.” All proceeds from the sale of the book, published by RiskPress Foundation, are donated to the Ceres Community Project, which involves high school kids in preparing and delivering meals to people in medical crisis. Copies of the book can be ordered directly from Fran at franclaggett@comcast.net!

2 Responses to “Dusk in the Orchard by Fran Claggett”

  1. amomnextdoor Says:

    I love how the fox and the changing light are both caught in this poem. What a magical image!

  2. Steve Tollefson Says:

    Beautiful, Fran. Both photo and poem.

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