©Evan Nichols, 2009

©Evan Nichols, 2009

(Click here to hear the poet read/sing her poem)

Give us this day our daily bread
Eternally fed in wombs
Entombed in holy rooms
Where ovum in oven rise
With the breath of life
And genetic keys are recipes
To what we be

Give us this day our daily bread
Words authored by mother tongues wed
Beams of light
Flight of ships
Holy waters seas-of-men
Sail and swim ashore
To bore a tree of life

Give us this day our daily bread
Posterity for heredity said
Give light for lives
Because blood in bone is made wise
Toned by life
Fed to eyes and ears
To hear and fear no one
Eat for strength everyday
Earth water winds and sun and

Give us this day our daily bread
We carry the sacred bowls and are fed
The rain bows be us
The breath of life seize us
And gives us this day
Our daily bread

Bread of heaven bread of heaven
Feed us ‘til we want no more!

©Tureeda Mikell

As BAWP 96 Fellow, Poets in the Schools instructor, and professional poet/storyteller,
Tureeda Mikell is passionate about word, vision and meaning and how to be an effective language art teacher. Emory University recently published two of her poems in, ‘Africana Women’, released 2009 [717 pp.], published in Japan, and Chicago but should be on book shelves soon. She is honored to be in the company of Rita Dove, Nikki Giovanni, June Jordan, Maya Angelou, Audre Lorde and many, many others. You can contact her at TrMk7@aol.com

10 Responses to “Give Us This Day by Tureeda Mikell”

  1. Adela Arriaga Says:


  2. jblevine Says:

    very nice, Tureeda: The rhythm as well as the message.

  3. taime22222 Says:

    The piece flows and informs on so many levels, Tureeda.I can not wait to hear the piece with your voice.

  4. carolyndukes Says:

    This is really a nod to the past while heralding the future with hope.

  5. taime22222 Says:

    The piece is waiting for your voice, Tureeda. Iam anxious to hear you.

  6. theresasanders Says:

    I was touched by your recital.

  7. Oteino Says:

    Tureeda, that is a beautiful poem.
    Thank you so much…

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