©Elisa Salasin

The words lie upon my pages
But I have no voice
Until someone picks me up and reads me

Though no one has taken me from the shelf for oh so long
I am given a reprieve
For yet another year
To test my merit

Placed on the shelf, still with no voice,
I quiver with anticipation
For eager young hands to choose me
And give me voice to speak my words

For without a voice
I become

©Katie Johnson, 2010

(Dedicated to Ilene Sheng, Librarian at Oxford School, Berkeley,
and to the books on the shelves at Oxford School’s Library)

Katie Johnson, BAWP ’78 and ’98, is a retired teacher from Berkeley Unified School District.  She is a substitute teacher because she misses the kids, and she volunteers her time in the school library.  She wrote this piece after spending a full day processing discarded books from Oxford’s library shelves. Katie’s email address is katiejohnson1@mac.com

2 Responses to “Oxford Library Books by Katie Johnson”

  1. mary barrett Says:

    I can see you there with Ilene having a delightful time.
    Thanks, Katie

  2. Velda Largo Says:

    I really like this blog. Wewish we could come here everyday\all day. Please keep putting up more information!

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