©Keri DuLaney Greger, 2020

A student in my linguistics class was in a tree today

on the veranda just outside

when I walked in.

I don’t even remember what kind of tree –

an image I know I need here.

But I remember David, shaved head all,

save the tiny pony tail, sometimes in a braid,

at the nape of his neck.

Big, black boots and a Mr. Rogers smile.

Perhaps I should make a no-tree-climbing policy.

A friend repeats: Let dogs be dogs.

This might apply to the deer that eat my sunflowers.

Someone said: Tabasco Sauce. Spray that on the plants.

An odd preventative.

I wonder if David likes Tabasco sauce.

If he saw Mt. Diablo from that tree.

What sunflowers taste like.


©Keri DuLaney Greger, 2020

          Keri DuLaney Greger, poetry dabbler, teaches writing and literature at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA. She lives with her husband and son in Berkeley, along with their two cats and a tiny tortoise. 


One Response to “Odd Preventative by Keri DuLaney Greger”

  1. K.Land Says:

    An exquisite set of juxtapositions: policies & pest prevention, a student in a tree & the sunflowers we could eat. Wow. I really love the journeys this poem takes me on.

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