©Matt West, 2006

©Matt West, 2006

This is the BWYB News (Be Watchin Yo’ Back) – The Goldilocks Coverup – This just in tonight; Goldilocks breaks-in three Bears home.

Three Bears charged Goldilocks a.k.a. the Golden Bandit with illegal entry among several other crimes implicated early Tuesday morning. Witnesses say the intrusion took place just after the family left for a walk in the woods. It was said Golden Bandit knocked on the door and when no one answered, she let herself in. Moments after alleged entry,
a witness on the wing said quote.

“I saw Bandit steal and consume Bears’ food, vandalize furniture, and sleep in Baby Bears bed,” unquote.

Investigators confirmed strands of blonde hair found in baby bears bed, did match that of Golden Bandit. Further investigations proved fried chicken, cornbread, sweet potatoes and collard greens, found on soiled clothing of Golden Bandit was indeed taken from Bears’ stove day of alleged break-in.

Despite evidence leaning heavily against Golden Bandit, Bandit stated, when the Bears arrived home from their walk in the woods, she feared for her life. A witness on the prowl confirmed Bandits accusation stating that he in fact saw Bandit flee from Bears home screaming repeated allegations of rape and attempted murder.

Bandit’s father, a superior court judge stated, he would prosecute the Bears to the fullest extent of the law, and signed warrants for their arrest.

Mr. & Mrs. Bear, held in Mad-Poly-Trick County Jail, sued Golden Bandit for illegal entry, theft, vandalism, loitering and defamation of character. The Bears also sued for Reparations they claim is due for injustices such as these reoccurring in their family’s history for the past 500 plus years.

Sadly however, Child Protection Services have placed Baby Bear in foster care until courts can further decide whether or not Mr. & Mrs. Bear are fit parents to raise Baby Bear in a safe healthy environment. That’s it for tonight. This has been the BWYB News saying, “We tell the truth about the Fairies on your tale.”

©Tureeda Mikell, 2008

Tureeda Mikell is a professional storyteller, poet performer and writer. A BAWP ’96 Fellow, her work with California poets in the schools garnered her production of over sixty anthologies. Widely published, and read among the top poets in the country, her works are broadly used in the P.D. curriculums of poetry. She currently works with the Oakland Literacy Project, California Poets in the Schools, Alameda County and StageBridge. You can contact her at TrMk7@aol.com


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