Contretemps ©Vicki Sievers, 2009

Contretemps ©Vicki Sievers, 2009

Toast with cinnamon
melted butter under.
Why do I forget about
this simple pleasure?

a Hat, hand-knitted by Mommy
for Christmas
soft, warm, snug, a little itchy,
like the love that
I’ll never outgrow

After-sex cuddles stay with me
like an imprint in wet sand.
He doesn’t stay long.
Did I dream him?
A wave cancels the markings.
It doesn’t matter.
I still recall the tingle and glow.

Noodles, two kinds: 1) to eat, with
meatballs and sauce or as home-made chow mien.
2) Those tubular plastic pool toys: a family noodle aerobics class.
We’re all grown up, settled bones, settled ways.
The scene is almost embarrassing, but too surprising
and goofy not to love.

Kids in the snow,
High chatter over fort plans
and sledding slopes.
Rosy cheeks, steaming breath,
Pure joy that displaces
the supervising adult’s worries.

Sublime moments.
Testing my still, frozen car.
It cooperates with a hoarse purr.
The heat’s on. Feist sings.
I’m parked in my parents’ driveway.
My boy plays at shoveling.
Wind whips the snow diagonally.
I have no other purpose for this moment.

©Sara Schupack, 2009

Sara Schupack completed her BAWP Institute in Thailand (so it was actually East Asia Writing Project) in 1997. She has taught English for many years, most recently at community colleges. Currently, she is studying in a doctoral program in Education at UMass Amherst, working on her sledding skills and being a good sport about a numb nose. She misses the BAWP Area! She’s at

One Response to “T.H.A.N.K.S. by Sara Schupack”

  1. Judy Bebelaar Says:

    Hi, Sara. Great piece! I wondered why I didn’t see you walking through the neighborhood any more. Now I know. Glad you’re still connected. Judy

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