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©Grace Morizawa, 2019

It’s what you choose to see.

It’s the corner of International Blvd.

and 23rd.

The sun slants at 4 p.m. spreading glazed

light magnifying stillness

topping the storefront churches.

No artist palette can capture

how Hallelujah echoes

how the waves of light pour from the bay across the streets

rooftops, yards

even to the lemon



It’s a light that pierces

so softly you never have to blink.

You focus recognizing

every store name, check cashing sign,

sale poster, every black-tipped sparrow,

wild mustard plant or daffodil,

every person you pass even the homeless

you want not to know.


It makes you remember

how it feels to look at your lover’s face,

how the space between you

is a light

that spans without a bridge.


©Grace Morizawa, 2019

         Grace Morizawa (BAWP 1988 and 1991), taught elementary school in Oakland and was a principal in San Pablo. Currently she is writing curriculum on the Japanese American incarceration for National Japanese American Historical Society.

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