©Marna Blanchard 2015

©Marna Blanchard, 2015

was thrown out of a liquor store
as mother passed
the kitten looked up bemused
my mother looked down confused
then gently scooped up
the little gray rag of fur and bones

was abandoned by its owners
when they moved out of town
he crossed the street
enticed by the sounds
of small children laughing
soon the large throw rug of a dog
was wrapped in multiple sets of small hugging arms

was left behind
when first a father
then a mother died
lost in grief
a door to a room
inside the house of a family

Picking up strays
Collecting friends
Cultivating Relationships
Seeing the value
In what has been disregarded
It is the blood in my veins.

©Marna Blanchard, 2015

Marna Blanchard is a native of San Francisco and proud product of a public education. She is currently teaching  8th grade Humanities at Francisco Middle School in San Francisco. Marna has loved words since the 2nd grade, which is when her love affair with poetry began. She also shares a passion for photography and film-making with her daughters. Marna was a BAWP fellow in 2006.

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