Digital Paper is an online magazine by the Bay Area Writing Project (BAWP). Its contributors are the many Teacher Consultants who have been lucky enough to pass through the doors of a BAWP Summer Institute.  Its audience is anyone interested in good reading, writing, viewing, and listening.

We are dedicated to the premise that in order to be effective teachers of the arts we must also slide behind typewriters, pick up chalk, strap on guitars, start the camera rolling, reach for the brush…and pursue the arts ourselves, with passionate abandon, tumbling head over heels into the next moment.

What you have before you is something we call an eZine. It contains poems, stories, essays, paintings and more. It is digital. It has audio tracks. It has links. It provides opportunities for feedback and interaction with the writers and artists. Please feed them whenever possible.

To email the editors, click here

Click here for more background info.

One Response to “About”

  1. John G Says:

    So, who gets a password and is allowed to read this thing?


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