©Mark Ali 2016

©Mark Ali 2016

The biggest lie ever told,
the boldest nonsense sung
so sweet, is some thing
comes from no thing.

Want you hummin’
they ditty all day every.

Someone send you that,
they saying you simple,
silly, backwards, a little
bit country, too.

Want you thinking
they ice cubes colder.

Someone send you that,
they whistling Dixie,
hoping you buy a half
dozen more than six.

Want you believing
they word good book.

Two kinds blessed here,
just babies and fools; you
a child once, but, be a wise
fool rest of your born days;
send them that.


©Mark Ali 2016

Mark Ali’s mystifyingly artistic, making auspicious moments actually magical.

4 Responses to “Babies and Fools by Mark Ali”

  1. Beautiful work, Mark, so lyrical, so controlled, so wise. And fun to read. Pure delight. Thanks!

  2. David Braden Says:

    I love the silliness mixed with wisdom!

  3. my mama’s helper used to say when I got rescued by magic from some tom-fool thing I done, “God protects saints, fools and sinners — and I guess you know which one you ain’t.” Really enjoyed your poem!

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