©Andrena Zawinski, 2009

©Andrena Zawinski, 2009

The Painting In
The Head:

A Man
A Walking Man
Hands Filled Up
With Flowers Thick Wet Stems’ Necks Taut –

Behind Him:
A City, A Hill.
The Ocher Of
His Muddy Heart –

The Sad Fact
Of Trees Crammed To Sunlit Tops With Children’s Voices
Wailing For
The Path Back.

©Mike Richman, 2009

Mike Richman loves thinking of himself as a BAWP-ie, in part because his time at BAWP was an amazing experience, and in part because the word “BAWP-ie” makes him think of an exotic bird. Who doesn’t like thinking of themselves as an exotic bird from time to time, right? When not writing, Mike teaches at New Design High School in Manhattan and loves reading, spending time with close friends, and gathering twigs, bits of twine, and small leaves for constructing his nest high in a tree in Central Park.

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