©Kyle & Kyle, 2017

Kyle is a teacher and Kyle is a teacher. “The Elements of Kyle” is their forthcoming podcast on BAWP Radio. BAWP Radio does not exist…Yet. If you would like to host a show on Radio BAWP… (You said BAWP Radio.) I know what I said. Would you let me finish the bio? (OK, but keep it brief, clean and accurate.) If you would like to host a podcast as well, leave a comment on this page and say your idea. (Say?) They know what I mean.


2 Responses to “The Elements of Kyle by Kyle and Kyle”

  1. sounds like a great idea! i’ll watch/listen for it!

  2. David Braden Says:

    Your show takes me back to the days of Bob and Ray, when comedic duos had different names, and it would be remiss of me not to mention the fact that The “E” in E B White stands for Elwyn. So in a phone book,the names would be ordered thusly: Bob, Elywn, Kyle, Kyle, Ray and William (Strunk, that is). (Unless of course, Bob chooses to go by Robert. In which case.. .

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